MakinGames is an independent game development company set up in the East Midlands, UK. Founded by husband and wife duo, Nic and Anna Makin to have fun 'makin' games across multiple platforms.


Creation of MakinGames

It all started as a bit of fun when Nic Makin got together with some of his ex-Rare colleagues to make their dream game: a game that would appeal to their inner child. Fond memories of Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon inspired their modern take on the 2D beat-em-up called Raging Justice. After four years of game development taking up every spare hour, the game was nearing completion. It had been a real labour of love, and as a release date was imminent, MakinGames was set up with Nic's wife Anna Makin handling the publishing and marketing of Raging Justice.

Before Raging Justice

Nic Makin worked at Rare for a decade. He then moved onto Big Big and Codemasters, before settling at Precious Blue Dot, where Nic still has a day job (programmer by day and programmer/designer by night - he loves his job!) Nic has previously worked on Kameo: Elements of Power (Gameplay Programmer) [Rare]; Perfect Dark Zero (Senior Gameplay Programmer) [Rare]; Xbox Avatars [Kinect Refresh] (Lead Programmer) [Xbox, Rare]; Banjo Kazoomie [the second time it was a concept] (Lead Programmer) [Rare]; F1 Race Stars (Lead Gameplay Programmer) [Codemasters] and many more



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